Our aim


System. Habitat. Species.

Our objective is to highlight the significance of Urban Ecosystem-based planning and design as a pivotal approach in enhancing the quality of life and environmental sustainability within cities of various sizes. 

By strategically intervening at both local and systemic levels through the implementation of urban ecosystem restoration strategies and design methodologies, it is possible to catalyze the transformation of existing urban centers into vibrant eco-cities. 

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The lab explores a multitude of themes that lie at the intersection of urban environments and ecological systems.

Biobased Building & Planning​

Natural materials | Urban resilience | Sustainable construction


Carbon capture and storage | Waste management

Biodiversity & Spatial Compositions​

Nature & countryside | Cities | Neighborhoods | Architecture​

Water: Presence and Absence

Watercycles | Rivers | Coastal | Arid | Ecologies

Urban Agriculture & Foodscapes​

Food security | Edible landscapes | Sustainable food systems

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Urban ecology is described by Forman (2014) as the whole of interactions of organisms, built structures, and the physical environment, where people are concentrated. In this course we show you how to act within this Urban Ecosystem from an environmental perspective!

Research and design

About the lab

The Urban Ecology Design Lab at the Delft University of Technology has several significant focuses that guide their work, including transforming cities into ecologically sustainable environments that are beneficial to both people and nature. They use urban ecosystem restoration strategies and design approaches to increase biodiversity and ecosystem functionality in urban areas, with the ultimate goal of creating Ecocities.

One of the primary methods through which the Urban Ecology Design Lab achieves its mission is by fostering interdisciplinary collaboration. The aim is to broaden participants’ perspectives by exposing them to interdisciplinary concepts and practices, and encouraging cross-pollination between various areas, including science, design, art, and social science.


Our Team

Dr. Ir. Nico Tillie

Dr. Ir. Nico Tillie

Head of the Urban Ecology Design Lab [email protected]

Ir. Rosa de Wolf

Ir. Rosa de Wolf

PhD Candidate Workscapes [email protected]

Ir. Matthijs Hollanders

Lecturer Nature-sensitive Landscape Architecture [email protected]

Portrait Jorrit Parmentier

Ir. Jorrit Parmentier

PhD Candidate Nature-based Solutions [email protected]

Laura Fokkelman, BSc.

Laura Fokkelman, BSc.

Student Assistant bachelor renewal [email protected]

Eline Holtes, BSc.

Eline Holtes, BSc.

Student Assistant MOOC [email protected]

Our affiliate members

Jean-François Gauthier

Landscape Architect at SYLVA Landscape Architecture & Urban Forestry

Prof. Dr. Ir. Rob Roggema

Distinguished Professor of regenerative Culture at Monterrey Tec.

Hans Kalliwoda

Ir. Frits van Loon BNT

Assistant professor at UM

Website designer

Ir. Gauri Agarwal


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